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Washed Crushed Shell Price Fluctuation in 2020

Mussel powder contains 38% of calcium, which is why it is used as a food source in livestock and poultry diets. Oyster powder is very easy and cheap to prepare, especially in coastal areas. Many stores sell Washed Crushed Shell. By referring to them, you can be fully informed about the price of mineral and sea oyster powder, the price of poultry oyster powder and…Washed Crushed Shell Price Fluctuation in 2020

Positive features of Washed Crushed Shell

Positive features of Washed Crushed Shell As we have said, the use of oyster powder is in the preparation of animal and poultry feed. This powder is used significantly in livestock, poultry and aquatic feed factories.
Oyster powder is produced and supplied in different sizes. Its smallest size is called powder or flour size. This type of oyster powder is used in all dairy, meat and fattening farms, supplementation and pharmaceutical factories to supply calcium in the diet.
In chickens, oysters are usually used softly and with Arad. But because laying hens need more calcium, they not only add oyster powder to the flour but also give them some free.
There are different types of mineral oysters depending on the type of consumption. The following is a list of types of oyster powder in the Iranian market:
1. Granular mineral oysters (size 4.5 – 2.5 mm): This type of mineral oyster is used in laying farms, ancestors, mothers and also for turkeys and ostriches.
2.  Sugar oysters (size 1 – 1 mm): Sugar oysters are used in meat and pulp farms, as well as quail and laying hens.
3.  Powdered mineral oysters (size 1-0 mm): Powdered mineral oysters are used for rations of meat and dairy farms and consumption in livestock and poultry feed mills.
4.  Mineral Mesh 400: The mesh type has more industrial uses.
Crushed shells for garden is also one of the most important oysters in the richness of garden soil, which causes a significant increase in yields.
Since oyster powder is a cheap source of calcium supply, it can significantly reduce the final price of livestock and poultry feed rations. In addition, oyster powder is a miracle for the skin. The oyster shell softens the epidermis or the top layer of the skin and also soothes it. This powder acts like a natural exfoliator and gives the skin a feeling of freshness and better appearance and promotes its radiance. As a result, this powder has many uses and that is why the situation of buying and selling oyster powder in the Iranian market is very prosperous.

Washed Crushed Shell price changes in 2020

Washed Crushed Shell price changes in 2020 Existence of crushed shell for sale throughout Iran is done by several sales agents. And those who have livestock and poultry or are aware of the benefits of this powder for the skin, refer to these centers and buy this product according to their needs.

For this reason, there are many sales agents of oyster powder in Iran. You can visit these agencies, get acquainted with the manufacturers of this powder and ask the seller about the quality of their product.

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