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Precipitated calcium carbonate Wholesale price

precipitated calcium carbonate is a mineral compound that is used in a wide range of industries due to its special chemical and physical properties. Currently, there are many companies that, as suppliers of chemical products, offer a wide range of such products at reasonable prices and from reputable brands.

Precipitated calcium carbonate Wholesale price

At what temperature does calcium carbonate precipitate?

At what temperature does calcium carbonate precipitate? Calcium carbonate is a white solid that is abundant in rock formations all over the world. Its most important minerals are aragonite, limestone, marble and travertine. Dissolves very little in water. But in water that is soluble in CO2, when completely dissolved, it forms calcium carbonate. Dissolution of calcium carbonate in running water that contains some CO2 soluble causes hardness in the water.

Soap does not foam well in running water, but the hardness of calcium carbonate and bicarbonate is temporary and can be relieved by boiling water. Astalagmites and astalagitites in caves are formed by the reaction of limestone with water containing CO2. Calcium carbonate is found in two crystalline forms, calcite in the form of hexagonal and aragonite in the form of rhombo-hydraulic.

precipitated calcium carbonate uses in many cases that due to heat, with the loss of CO2 is converted into lime, which is used in construction, iron mining and steel production as a smelting aid and for the preparation of calcium carbide. Lime is used in agriculture to improve the soil and adjust its pH. Calcium carbonate is used in medicine as an antacid to neutralize stomach acid. Calcium carbonate is a safe or very low-risk chemical that does not pose a risk of inhalation, ingestion, or contact with skin or eyes (albeit for a short time).

Calcium carbonate is mined for industrial use. The precipitated calcium carbonate process is such that it can be made by pouring baking soda into a boric acid solution. It precipitates as a white substance. (Tube water must be used to make the solution, otherwise sodium borate precipitates instead of calcium carbonate.)

Bulk prices of precipitated calcium carbonate

Bulk prices of precipitated calcium carbonate Production of calcium carbonate precipitate for use in various industries and quality product is supplied to the consumer market of Iran and countries in the region.

Calcium carbonate sediment is prepared in the form of carcasses from mines with high quality and purity stones, the higher the purity, the more money must be spent to purchase it.

In Iran, very large groups are providing services in this field and is responsible for meeting a large part of the needs of industries for this mineral sediment. But in any case, the cost price of this product is more acceptable and less than industrial super powders.

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