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Pearl oyster Affordable prices in 2020

Pearl oyster is an important species that exists in the Indian Ocean region and is distinguished from other species due to its beautiful shell, which has a clear line and a rainbow cover. In ancient times, the beautiful shell of this oyster was used to make and decorate jewelry.

Pearl oyster Affordable prices in 2020

What is pearl oyster?

What is pearl oyster?

pearl oyster characteristics Is described below. 

Pearl is a gem that grows in the depths of the oceans and has a unique beauty among jewelry without the need for cutting and polishing.  The word pearl has Latin roots and its root is formed from the word perna which is a kind of oyster and also Sepharola meaning crori.

Pearls are created by mollusks, which we call oysters, and sometimes by snails. When a foreign object enters the oyster, the oyster secretes substances that are formed from the accumulation of these pearls in order to repel it.

The process of forming a pearl is such that a horny substance called concholin is secreted from the foreign body in very thin, concentric layers around the nucleus, and a substance called mother of pearl, which is calcium carbonate, is placed on it. Cover.

The main shape of pearls is round and spherical, although pearls can be found in other shapes in the jewelry store, such as pears and buttons, and even irregular shapes.

The entry of a foreign body, which can be mineral, organic, or a living parasite, into the interface between the inner layer of the oyster and its covering, stimulates pearl-secreting cells secretory mantle epithelium and forms a pearl-forming sac around the body. It becomes. The formation of a pearl bag as a shell’s defense against a foreign body is the main factor in making pearls. pearl oyster classification It is based on its shape and size. 

Reasonable prices for pearl oyster in 2020

Reasonable prices for pearl oyster in 2020

Pearls, both natural and cultivated, can be found in the world market, as colored stones in different colors and qualities, which have a positive effect on their price. 7 factors affect the price of pearls, which are:


Larger pearls are more expensive than smaller ones.

the shape

Pearls can come in many forms, but round pearls are more expensive than others.


Because pearls are made up of different types of shells and grow differently, they come in a variety of colors. For example, Akoya pearls with white and pink halo or Tahitian pearls with eggplant color are examples of precious colors of cultured pearls.

The surface quality of pearls

The more surface-free the pearl is, the better the quality and the better the gloss.

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