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Oyster shell for chickens Distribution centers

It is very easy and cheap to prepare oyster shells for chickens in coastal areas. The resulting squid is crushed and eaten as soft flour for chickens or chopped for laying hens. oyster shell for chickens is very rich in calcium and its phosphorus content is also suitable. The use of bone powder and oyster powder provides a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus in the formula. In chickens, oysters are usually used softly with flour. In laying hens, because the need for calcium is high, in addition to adding oyster powder to the flour, some of them are freely provided to the hens. The amount of calcium in oyster powder is very high.

Oyster shell for chickens Distribution centers

Is Oyster Shell good for chickens?

Is Oyster Shell good for chickens?

About 10% of the dry matter of the chicken body and about 35% of the dry matter of the egg is made up of salts. Therefore, the provision of sufficient salts in poultry nutrition is very important. In chickens, in terms of bone formation, and in hens, in terms of eggs, especially the shell, the salts play an important role. Seeds and other substances used in the diet of poultry and contain large amounts of minerals, especially calcium, sodium and chlorine, but this amount is not enough to meet the needs of chickens and laying hens and should be used in addition to other nutrients.

One of the types of poultry inputs that are used in the main diet of poultry to provide the calcium needed by poultry is the types of poultry oysters such as powder, sugar, granular.  The high properties of oyster shell feeder for poultry encourage poultry farmers and poultry breeders to use this poultry input.  The use of oyster powder in poultry diets increases production and increases the laying power of laying hens, improves the quality of egg shells, chicken meat, strengthens poultry ossification and also increases hatching.

Distributing oyster shell for chickens in bulk

Distributing oyster shell for chickens in bulk Companies active in the field of production of mineral oysters with detailed studies of mines have identified this valuable element and professionally and using advanced equipment and devices to extract and process it in the best conditions, and finally mineral oysters Processed products under various headings, such as oysters or calcium carbonate, are available to livestock producers and poultry breeders.

 Buyers can go to these factories and buy the required types of mineral oysters with the desired quality and cheap price in agreement with the manufacturer. Of course, there are reputable sales centers in the market for the sale of livestock and poultry inputs, which have observed the right to fairness and have considered the selling price of mineral oysters and other types of livestock and poultry inputs lower than other sellers.

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