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Major oyster shell calcium distributor in 2020

The main distributor of oyster calcium in 2020 can be offered to the market by our sales unit. Mineral oyster with 38 ~ 40% of pure calcium, which has been approved by reputable laboratories in the country, is used to supply calcium to livestock and poultry rations. The major oyster shell calcium best alternative to seashells is carbonate rock and the like, and due to the presence of useful elements such as manganese and its high absorbable percentage of calcium.

Major oyster shell calcium distributor in 2020

What is oyster shell calcium used for?

What is oyster shell calcium used for?

Mineral oysters are produced in different forms depending on the type of consumption in animal and poultry feed or industrial uses: Granular mineral oysters (size 4.5 – 2.5 mm) This type of mineral oysters in laying farms, ancestors and mothers, as well as turkeys and Ostrich is used. Calcium oyster calcium (size 1-3 mm) oyster rye is used in meat and pulp farms as well as quail and laying hens. Powdered mineral oysters (size 1-0 mm) Powdered mineral oysters are suitable for oyster shell calcium for plants use in meat and dairy farms, well as for use and poultry feed mills. Mineral oyster mesh 400 types of mesh has more industrial uses.

Benefits of oysters in poultry nutrition

  •     High percentage of calcium
  •     Lack of harmful elements
  •     Easy to swallow and do not damage the poultry throat
  •     High digestibility
  •     Improving spawning power
  •     Completely natural and free of any biochemical contamination

Major oyster shell calcium distributor for markets

Major oyster shell calcium distributor for markets

The large oyster calcium distributor for the markets is done by the marketers of our collection. The abundant role of oyster shell calcium ingredients magnesium oxide in the mineral oyster stabilizes the rumen pH in ruminants. Stabilizing the pH of the rumen increases the digestibility of dietary fiber and thus improves milk fat and prevents lameness due to acidosis in cows, especially dairy cows that consume a lot of concentrate.

Experiments show that the supply of dietary calcium with mineral oysters has positive effects on milk quality and milk fat. This is due to the increase in milk protein due to its binding to a phosphoprotein. Improving milk quality can improve economic conditions for livestock. Bad taste and bitterness of magnesium oxide reduce the feed of dairy cows. This problem does not exist in the magnesium in mineral oysters.

The ability of oysters to absorb calcium is much higher than other sources of calcium supply due to their organic origin in livestock diets.

According to the study, to compare the performance of oysters and calcium carbonate ores, traits such as egg production, egg weight, thickness and weight of eggshell, as well as units in chickens fed with oyster dynamic oysters were observed quite frequently. It was significantly better than chickens that used carbonate rock

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