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Crushed mussel shells Wholesale price in 2020

crushed mussel shells powder for poultry or scallop powder contains 38% of calcium, so it is used in livestock and poultry diets as a rich source of calcium. This product is easy and cheap to prepare, especially in coastal areas. To make it, the resulting squid is crushed and used in the form of soft flour for chickens and in the form of chopped eggs for laying hens. If you also own a poultry farm, join us to get good information in this regard. if you want to know about mussel shells uses, and mussel shell recipe; reaf on.

Crushed mussel shells Wholesale price in 2020

What can crushed mussel shells be used for?

What can crushed mussel shells be used for?

Calcium is one of the most essential mineral elements in meeting biological needs and the formation of bones and eggshells in poultry. An average of 7-30 grams of great total calcium in the body of a laying hen is consumed daily to form the shell of an egg. The calcium required by poultry is obtained from various non-mineral and mineral sources, which are always used in their feed formulations. Non-mineral sources of calcium supply include alfalfa powder, bone powder and mineral sources include calcium phosphate, oysters and calcium carbonate, among which calcium carbonate has a higher priority due to its low level of fluoride. Other sources of calcium.

The use of calcium carbonate is widely used in the poultry industry and poultry farmers use it as the main source of calcium in the diet. This mineral, if it has good quality and low volume of fluoride, can be a good alternative to other sources of calcium in grain formulas, which is quite economical due to its low price compared to oysters.

Bulk prices of crushed mussel shells in 2020

Bulk prices of crushed mussel shells in 2020 Several factors affect the pricing of livestock and poultry inputs. One of these factors is the cost of transportation from the factory to the distribution site. Another reason could be the existence of many intermediaries.

 Poultry oyster companies usually offer their company’s product directly and directly to buyers who intend to buy in bulk and in high tonnage. In this case, the price of poultry oysters can be more economical and more profitable for both the buyer and the producer due to the elimination of additional costs. There are also centers in the agricultural market that provide better services to buyers and sellers of these products by mainly selling mineral oysters and lime for poultr.

Many great agencies across the country sell mineral oysters at wholesale prices for poultry.  By referring to them, you can buy this product in bulk according to your needs. You need to know that buying this great product in bulk has many benefits.  With the bulk purchase, the final price of the product decreases significantly.  In addition, many sellers offer good discounts to those who buy in bulk.

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