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Crushed clam shells wholesale products

Crushed clam  shells is made of calcium carbonate, which is referred to in the market as mineral oyster. Mussels or oysters are a common name for the hard shell of all mollusks that have an outer covering and are very rich in calcium and also a good source of manganese and therefore used to feed chickens and laying hens. It has a lot. The northern and southern coasts of Iran are the main suppliers of this product in large quantities.

Crushed clam shells wholesale products

What are crushed oyster shells used for?

What are crushed oyster shells used for? Chopped oyster shells are used for many purposes around the world. Examples of these applications are as follows:

Oyster cap: Shells are more commonly found in embossed necklaces and decorative items in two colors, white-brown or white-orange. Spiral oysters are commonly found in Madagascar and India.


Ammonite is actually a fossilized oyster of a squid, dating to about 65 million years ago. The closest animal to this fossil today is the tropical and spiral snails that live in the Indian Ocean.

The circular shape and rainbow pattern of the oyster led to its use in the design and manufacture of jewelry. These types of shells are usually used in jewelry along with quartz gem. Ammonite shells can be found in Canada and the United States. Most oyster colors are stable to light. Other uses of shredded oysters in the world are such that these minerals are used in the preparation of food for livestock in the country.

Another application of this mineral is that it is also considered the food of the local people. This material is also used for bait in fishing hooks. It is sold fresh and used for oyster breeding centers. Exporting to Arab countries has also been used in the country.

Bulk production for crushed clam shells

Bulk production for crushed clam shells Mass production of crushed shells in the country is done by companies with experience in this field. These agencies offer the desired product in a variety of packages to their sales market.  oyster shells for sale are available for sale in this agency. Those who are interested can easily prepare this mineral for themselves.

crushed shells for garden also used for gardening nationwide. Gardeners can remove harmful pests and insects from their crops. In recent years, suitable climatic conditions have increased the birth rate of these mollusks and as a result the spread of this pest in the gardens of Mazandaran province has forced many gardeners to use chemical pesticides to repel it.

A common method to combat this pest in Iran is to use poisonous baits containing metaldehyde, use various toxins such as swine or lindane, or create some physical barriers in their way. Although chemical toxins are effective in killing snails, their improper use can cause dangerous effects on other living organisms as well as irreparable environmental damage.

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