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Calcium carbonate is a white solid that is abundantly found in rocks and is commonly found all over the world. It is aragonite, limestone, marble and travertine. The chemical formula of CaCO3 calcium carbonate is the pure form of its white powder and its gross white cream. The calcium carbonate density is decomposed at 2.71- 2.83 g / cm³ at 0 ° C. The molecular shape is linear and non-flammable.

calcium carbonate producers

Export types of calcium carbonate

Export types of calcium carbonateExports of powdered and micronized calcium carbonate in different aggregates and packages are made through the Mining Calcium Carbonate Production Plant to neighboring countries. Calcium carbonate powder is very important in the industry and the neighboring countries of Iran are in dire need of this mineral product. Thousands of tons of calcium carbonate are exported annually to the merchants and exporters, making good value for money.

Iran exports calcium carbonate to Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. Of course, much less is exported to the Gulf states.

Exporting calcium carbonate from the country, like any other commodity, requires customs clearance at the country’s entry and exit points. For the export of calcium carbonate export, various steps must be taken, such as product truck truck sealing, customs clearance, presentation of necessary export documents, and coordination by the manufacturer or exporter. Some manufacturers of calcium carbonate have serious export problems due to incomplete documentation or product quality problems.

Kani Kav carbonate factory has been able to export calcium carbonate to Iranian and non-Iranian merchants by completing the customs process due to the export expert team. Also, if the export buyers of this product wish to do their customs duties personally, they will be provided with all the necessary export documents to avoid any problem.

Our specialty is exporting calcium carbonate to Iraq and exporting calcium carbonate to Turkey and other neighboring countries. For information on exporting calcium carbonate or purchasing this product with powdered and micronized granules as well as in packages ranging from 1kg to 1kg or in pallets, shearing and straps and enjoying various export advantages. Contact the Commerce Department of Calcium Carbonate Mining Company.

The oyster shell supplement is used today, but we recommend consulting a physician for use.

Calcium carbonate is generally used as a filler in the manufacture of various products. Most of its use is processed and lime in the construction industry. It is used to produce cement, blocks and mortars.

The paint industry is another area of ​​consumption of calcium carbonate and is used in the production of coatings, especially white. This product will result in a bright and whitish color, and in addition to its low cost, it will also reduce the cost of producing paint.

The animal body needs calcium to prevent bone breakage and breakage. Calcium also helps improve digestion. Animal feed calcium carbonate is the best source of calcium for domestic animals.

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, calcium carbonate is used as a rich calcium supplement. Of course, the type of consumption in this industry must be completely pure and free of various contaminants.

Paper production from calcium carbonate is becoming more popular today. This has several benefits, including reduced paper production costs, increased tear strength, and the continued availability of calcium carbonate. Increased water resistance and better absorption of ink and dye are other advantages of using calcium carbonate in paper production.

calcium carbonate Purchase guide

The sale of calcium carbonate hams, powders and micronutrients in different aggregates is carried out by the Calcium Carbonate and Mineral Mining Lime Plant at the cheapest price and best quality. With a long history of producing minerals as well as raw and processed calcium carbonate, the complex has advanced facilities such as crusher mills, balmill mills and various sized screenings. Using this equipment along with the technical knowledge of the manufacturing sector has led to the sale of calcium carbonate minerals to various manufacturing sectors such as construction, painting, paper production, animal feed and poultry, etc. Part of the country’s need for this widely used mineral. The price of calcium carbonate is determined by various properties such as its purity, color and size. The smaller the mineral aggregation, the more widespread it can be used in more sensitive industries. However, it is difficult to produce micronized calcium carbonate powder in very small sizes and requires more time and cost and is therefore more expensive.

calcium carbonate Applications

calcium carbonate ApplicationsApplication of micronized calcium carbonate powder in different industries

1. Paint Industry: Calcium carbonate micronized powder is used in the paint industry as a filler. This powder is commonly used in the paint industry with the following specifications: cao content exceeds 2% Fe2o3 content less than 1% and mesh content greater than 1%. In the process of producing traffic paint, calcium carbonate with mesh is used. The powder is made of sweet cherry particles that can be felt under the hands. The powder is manufactured by Lazek Oligodarz without having black granules and a white, high-resolution hand.

2- Rubber & Plastics Industry: In the plastics and rubber industry, micronized calcium carbonate powder is used as a filler and a product against heat and hardness and also prevents plastic softening and elongation. The most important plastic filler is calcium carbonate which increases thermal, tensile and hardness. Calcium carbonate is the most common plastic filler. The reason for using this mineral is because of its low price, low oil absorption, ease of use with ordinary means, excellent luminosity and softness. Calcium carbonate also prevents the adhesion of polymers and improves their dispersing properties. Micronized calcium carbonate powder is used in this industry with the following specifications: Cao content of at least 2%, Fe2o3 content of at most 2%, moisture content of up to 1% and mesh consumption of more than 1%.

3. Detergent Manufacturing: Micronized calcium carbonate powder is widely used in the industry for the production of soft, specialty bleaching agents. Micronized calcium carbonate powder used in the washing industry is as follows: cao content is at least 2% and calcium carbonate meshes are used in the washing industry from 1 mesh to 4 mesh.

4- Drilling industry: In this industry, mulch of calcium carbonate powder is used for lubrication of mud drilling mesh 1 and 2.

5. Cable and Wire Manufacturing: Micronized calcium carbonate powder is used in this industry for coating and insulating manufactured materials and is usually used with mesh up.

6. Paper Manufacturing Industries: The paper industry is valuable because of its high brightness and scattered light throughout the world and is used as a cheap filler to illuminate the surface of the paper. Consumable meshes are used in industry 2 and 4.

7. Electrodes: The mesh used in this industry is micronized calcium carbonate powder with a 2% analysis.

8. Polymer Industries: Micronized calcium carbonate powder is used in the polymer industry as filler, and its use in the polymer industry will reduce the price of the finished product. The micronized powder has a mineral-based calcium carbonate, and when decomposed in nature, allows for faster decomposition. The aggregates used in the polymer industry are high meshes.

9 – Ceramic tile manufacturing industry: Calcium carbonate micronized powder is used in this industry for use in glazed tiles with high mesh.

Most consumed of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate uses are widespread in many industries. Although this mineral has traditionally played an important role in human life, its modern applications have extended to industrial sectors. About 60 percent of the world’s total calcium carbonate is consumed in the metallurgical and smelting industries, 25 percent in the construction and road industries, and 15 percent in industrial and chemical applications.

oyster shell ball and oyster shell lime have calcium carbonat.

calcium carbonate Advantages

calcium carbonate AdvantagesThe oral calcium carbonate seashells form of this substance is beneficial for dental and bone health and is a source of calcium.

Calcium carbonate is used to treat certain diseases such as osteoporosis and gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn and stomach discomfort. Here are some of the benefits of using it:

They are used to improve the texture of gum, snacks and rice.

It is used as a source of calcium for bread and pastries, instant noodles, yogurt and dairy products.

It is a refining aid for wheat flour and starch.

Anticoagulant and anticoagulant are used for spices and seasonings.

Used to neutralize the acidic state of food.

Used to cover chocolate.

It is used as a donor in the production of certain foods.

Makes less use of plastic thus helping nature. The more calcium carbonate consumed, the less plastic used, which is the first contribution of carbonate to humans and the environment.

Note: Carbonates in nature have no harm to humans at all. As mentioned, it is used in the pharmaceutical and food industries

The use of calcium carbonate in the manufacture of disposable glassware and furniture and chairs and chairs makes the quality of these products stronger. The point of using calcium carbonate in any industry and production should be to keep in mind the percentage of carbonate consumed and the quality.

Calcium carbonate in the injection molding industry and polyethylene films (nylon and nylon disposable tablecloths) improve color dissemination and also prevent the retrieval of paint.

In addition to the above, calcium carbonate in production prevents the material from adhering to the device, which results in faster production. More production in a unit of time means less energy consumption, helping the producer and consumer.

Improved stitching and printing quality can be achieved by using calcium carbonate in the size and mesh of polyethylene film production.

Using calcium carbonate will give you better coverage of white and colored masterpieces.

Calcium carbonate reduces the price of the product and helps the consumer and manufacturer to make it cheaper than plastic.

The carbonate used in the product does not need to be cleaned from the adhering particles. You can also use a combination of carbonate and lubricant raw materials to change the color of the product.

Tip In production To use calcium carbonate, use a mesh of 1500 and above that will not damage your cylinder and be able to use more calcium carbonate.

affecting factors on price of calcium carbonate

Due to the specific process of calcium carbonate carbonate production, the price of this product is subject to various factors. Here’s a look at the set of factors that make up the expense of calcium carbonate.

Four important factors are important in determining the finished price of calcium carbonate carbonate. In this section, we examine these four factors.

A) Calcium carbonate ore mine

The location of the calcium carbonate mine and its distance from the calcium carbonate micronutrient plant have an impact on the finished product price.

The proximity of the calcium carbonate plant to these mines is effective in reducing calcium carbonate prices.

The cost of transporting carbonate stone to the plant is significantly reduced.

It is possible to choose high quality stone because of the large number of mines.

Price of calcium carbonate carbonate

(B) Micronized calcium carbonate production plant

In order to produce high quality calcium carbonate powder in different meshes from 400 to 2500, access to a calcium carbonate powder plant is required by the following criteria:

First, the calcium carbonate plant needs up-to-date equipment and technical know-how.

Has a good track record in producing calcium carbonate powder with real mesh contracted.

Capacity of production in high volume and good quality to reduce cost.

Contains several lines of micronized calcium carbonate powder to stop production when a line fails.

A micronized calcium carbonate powder plant with the above specifications will reduce the cost of the product produced to a reasonable extent.

(C) Calcium carbonate producing plant

Calcium carbonate production in a specialized manufacturing facility with modernized equipment, subject to chemistry and material analysis techniques, while being geographically adjacent to factors (a) and (b), while enhancing carbonate quality dramatically reducing costs. It includes production.

Our equipment and production line and production process are absent in any of the other carbonate plants.

The optimization of the calcium carbonate production line has been accomplished with three objectives:

Reduce the interference and the need for manpower and automate the production process

Due to the close proximity of the Calcium Carbonate Carbonate Specialist Unit to the Micronized Powder Production Plant and the Calcium Carbonate Mines, the use of optimized machines has also increased the speed and volume of production while providing the best raw materials needed.

D) Materials needed to coat the calcium carbonate

Another raw material needed to produce carbonate is stearic acid.

The high price of this raw material for the production of calcium carbonate carbonate leads to an increase in the price of coated calcium carbonate over conventional calcium carbonate.

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