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Calcium Carbonate Granular supplier

side effects of taking calcium with vitamin DCalcium Carbonate Granular accounts for more than 4% of the
earth’s crust. Consequently, the three calcium carbonate reserves – calcite,
aragonite and vaterite – are amongst the greatest significant rock-forming raw
materials. Rocks are not the solitary calcium carbonate credits in nature – nearly
all bounces of water and innumerable plants and animals cover huge quantities
of calcium carbonate additionally. These natural properties are related to the
calcium carbonate series.  Calcium
Carbonate Granule can be utilized in the sanitization of iron from iron ore in explosion
furnaces. According to the Characteristics of calcium carbonate, Calcium Carbonate
can be utilized as an extender in dyes, and as a plaster in the industrial of
plastics. Calcium Carbonate is also a major component of blackboard scratch. Furthermore,
it also has usages as an antacid and to obviously reduction high pH heights in watercourses
and rivers produced by acid rain. Here we provided the use of calcium carbonate powder, take calcium carbonate powder, side effects of taking calcium with vitamin D, calcium citrate or calcium carbonate.


Calcium Carbonate Granular supplier

Characteristics of calcium carbonate granules

Equation and structure: The chemical equation of calcium
carbonate is CaCO3 and its molar mass is 100.1 g/mol. It could be a salt made
of the divalent calcium cation (Ca2+) and the bidentate carbonate anion
(CO32-), in which the carbon is connected to two oxygen iotas through single
bonds and one oxygen molecule through a twofold bond. Occurrence: Calcium
carbonate happens actually in a few mineral shapes counting the unadulterated
calcite, aragonite and vaterite minerals as well as the impure
minerals-limestone, chalk, marble, and travertine. It is additionally the most
chemical constituent of eggshells, ocean shells, clamshells, snail shells,
corals, etc. Preparation: Calcium carbonate is basically gotten from its
different normal mineral sources by mining and preparing. It is additionally arranged
by chemical blend by responding quicklime (calcium oxide, CaO) with water to
deliver calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), which is at that point treated with carbon
dioxide to accelerate the calcium carbonate salt.

Cao + H2O → Ca(OH)2


Ca(OH)2 + CO2 → CaCO3 + H2O


Physical properties: Immaculate CaCO3 is an odorless, fine
white powder. It encompasses a thickness of 2.71 g/mL and softening point of
1,339 °C, as its calcite form. The other common mineral shape, aragonite,
incorporates a thickness of 2.83 g/mL and a dissolving point of 825 °C. Chemical
properties: Calcium carbonate is insoluble in water and steady at typical
temperatures. When warmed to tall temperatures, it breaks down to create
calcium oxide with the discharge of carbon dioxide.

 CaCO3 → CaO + CO2


 Moreover, discharges
carbon dioxide when it is reacted with acids. Calcium carbonate responds with
water containing carbon dioxide to create the water dissolvable calcium
bicarbonate salt



 Uses: The most
applications of calcium carbonate are in building materials, ceramic tiles,
writing board chalk, press mineral filtration, oil well boring liquids, paints,
cements, and sealants. It too has a few therapeutic employments such as stomach
settling agent, calcium dietary supplement, pharmaceutical filler in tablets,
and hemodialysis treatment. It is additionally utilized as a nourishment
additive and in kinds of toothpaste. Health effects/safety hazards: Calcium carbonate
isn’t poisonous and is secure for utilization. In any case, abundance calcium
admissions can lead to hypercalcemia or milk-alkali disorder, which incorporate
indications like stomach torment and spewing, and can be deadly in genuine

What is the use of calcium carbonate powder?

Producers utilize crude fabric assets for marble, chalk,
limestone, and dolomite in arrange to form calcium carbonate fillers and coating
colors for utilizing in various advertising segments. Calcium carbonate is an
uncommon compound. The chemical equation CaCO3 speaks to a crude fabric that
exists all over in nature – whether broken up in waterways and seas, dissolved
as “cold” carbonatite magma and set as a mineral, dripstone or as a
parent fabric for entirety mountain ranges. Plants and animals require calcium
carbonate to make their skeletons and shells, and indeed cutting edge mankind
seems barely envision life without calcium carbonate. Nearly every item in our
day-to-day life contains calcium carbonate or comes into contact with it
whereas being created. Calcite may be an actually happening mineral; it is
subject to impressive variety. Its mechanical application depends upon
properties such as composition, molecule estimate and shape, particular
gravity, hardness, and color.

  • 1.) Calcite Powder Utilize in Paper: Within the paper
    division, micronized calcite has been utilized in paper and cardboard
    generation by adding it into cellulose totally different extents. Since calcite
    increments the whiteness of paper, naturally.
  •  2.) Calcite Powder
    Utilize in Paint: The amazing whiteness of our carbonates avoids interference
    with the paint colors and contributes to their murkiness which the paint will
    cover, without trickling, the surfaces.
  • 3.) Calcite Powder Utilize in Plastic: Calcite mineral
    broadly utilized as mineral fillers in order to get tall mugginess maintenance,
    to make strides the consistency and dryness of the ultimate mass. These
    polymers have various applications like in sacks, channels, car parts,
    furniture, holders, etc.
  •  4.) Calcite in Beauty
    care products: Calcite is broadly utilized within the makeup industry in
    make-up, cleansers, kinds of toothpaste, etc. Utilize of calcite gives numerous benefits
    in making corrective products
  •  5.) Calcite in Glass:
    Calcite powder for glass industry must compose of a tall an excellent source of
    high whiteness calcite.
  • 6.) Calcite in Ceramic: Our calcite is utilized in each kind
    of ceramic item fabricated counting craftsmanship product, porcelain,
    earthenware, floor tiles, sterile product to title some.


What is the chemical name for calcium carbonate?

The foremost component within the calcium carbonate metal is
calcium (Ca). The metal may contain other elements—Magnesium (Mg), Press (Fe)
and Manganese (Mn)— that influence whiteness, hardness, and particular gravity.

Synonyms limestone, CaCO3, calcium carbonate, accelerated
calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate, pulverized calcium carbonate, PCC,
GCC, calcite, limestone, pulverized marble, ground limestone, lime, aragonite,
chalk, marble, pearl, whiting, champagne chalk, French chalk, albacore, calcium
carbonate nanoparticle. Calcium carbonate may be a chemical compound
with the chemical equation CaCO3. It could be a common substance found in a shake
in all parts of the world and is the most component of shells of marine life
forms, snails, pearls, and eggshells. Calcium carbonate is the dynamic fixing
in rural lime and is more often than not the vital cause of difficult water.
It is commonly utilized medicinally as a calcium supplement or as a stomach
settling agent, but tall utilization can be perilous. Produced by smashing,
pounding, precipitation, and classifying tall immaculateness, white, calcite
limestone. Formula: CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) Mineralogy: Calcium
carbonate metals can be found in two of the three major sorts of rocks:
sedimentary and transformative. Sedimentary rocks, as the title recommends,
frame from silt or from transported parts kept in water. Limestone, for
illustration, is shaped from inorganic remains, such as shells and skeletons.
Transformative rocks—such as marble, slate, quartzite

How do you take calcium carbonate powder?

1- Type of calcium powder

Look at the medicine label and see what kind of calcium
supplement it is. If the supplement contains calcium citrate, you can take it
with food or alone.  If the supplement contains calcium carbonate, it is
best eaten with food. The gastric acid that is produced by eating food helps to
better absorb calcium carbonate.


  2- Daily dose

Most calcium absorption occurs when consumed at 500 mg or
less each time. So if you need to take 1000 mg of calcium daily, it is best to
divide it into two or more doses and not eat them all in one place. Calcium intake decreases bone mass and increases bone
fracture. But low calcium intake is one of the causes of bone loss. Other
factors affecting bone loss include estrogen depletion, inactivity, smoking,
alcohol or other illnesses, and medical treatments. If these factors are
present, bone fractures cannot be prevented even with high calcium intake. DRI
(Recommended Food Intake) Calcium for adults is 1000 to 1200 mg daily depending
on age, sex and condition. For example, in pregnant and lactating women,
children and adolescents need more calcium. One dairy unit provides about 300 mg of calcium. One unit of
dairy equals one glass of milk or one glass of yogurt or 45 grams of cheese.
People who do not get enough calcium from their diet should take calcium
supplements to meet their needs. When taking calcium supplements, one should
keep in mind the amount of calcium in the supplement, not the total amount of
the supplement. For example, a 500 mg calcium carbonate tablet contains only
200 mg of pure calcium. So a person taking this pill only gets 200 mg of
calcium, not 500 mg. Calcium is absorbed in the small intestine, but not all
calcium consumed is absorbed. The amount of calcium absorbed depends on various
factors such as the acidic environment of the intestine, the amount of vitamin
D in the body, the amount of estrogen in the body and the type of calcium

Types of Calcium Supplements

One of the important factors in calcium absorption is the solubility of calcium supplements in the body. Always try to take standard,
reliable supplements to find out how much calcium they have and how much they
dissolve in the body.

Calcium citrate

Calcium supplements are better absorbed in acidic medium, so
calcium citrate is better absorbed than other supplements because it is acidic.
This supplement does not require much stomach acid to absorb and can be taken
at any time of the day, even with an empty stomach. But this supplement usually
has little calcium, so you should take more pills depending on your need for
more calcium.

Calcium carbonate

Most calcium supplements are of this type. This supplement
requires a lot of gastric acid for better absorption. So it should be taken
after a meal.

Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate

These supplements have low calcium. Therefore, more pills
should be taken to eliminate the need for calcium.

Is it safe to take calcium carbonate daily?

Corrosive bounce back.
Calcium carbonate may cause corrosive to bounce back: the stomach overcompensates
for the tall dosage of calcium carbonate, which is soluble, by churning out
more corrosive. For that reason, individuals with a history of stomach ulcers
are exhorted that they may not endure it and may have to be switch to calcium
citrate. Constipation. Calcium supplements can have a gentle authoritative
impact but by themselves do not more often than not cause genuine obstruction.
But on the off chance that you’re taking another supplement or medicine that
ties the stool, the expansion of calcium supplements seem to cause a problem. Too
much calcium. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t happen frequently, a few
individuals have taken so much calcium that it causes hypercalcemia, an
above-normal level of calcium within the blood. Hypercalcemia may cause
sickness, heaving, disarray, and other neurological symptoms.

Huge dosages of calcium
meddled with the assimilation of an assortment of drugs. You ought to dodge
devouring huge sums of calcium — either in nourishment or as a supplement —
inside 2–4 hours of taking a tetracycline or quinolone anti-microbial. After
taking alendronate (Fosamax), risedronate (Actonel), or another one of the
bisphosphonate drugs for osteoporosis, you ought to hold up at slightest 30
minutes sometime recently expending a huge sum of calcium. Potential expanded
wellbeing dangers. Intemperate calcium supplement admissions have been related
to the next hazard of kidney and conceivably an expanded hazard of
cardiovascular infection and forceful prostate cancer.

What are the side effects of taking calcium with vitamin D

Get crisis restorative
offer assistance in the event that you’ve got any of these side impacts or an
unfavorably susceptible response: hives; trouble breathing; swelling of your
confront, lips, tongue, or throat. Less genuine side impacts may include:

  • A sporadic heartbeat;
  •  nausea, heaving, or diminished appetite;
  • dry mouth;
  •  constipation;
  • weakness;
  • headache;
  • a metallic taste;
  • muscle or bone pain;
  •  or drowsiness.


 Calcium may be a mineral that’s found actually
in nourishments. Calcium is essential for numerous typical capacities of your
body, particularly bone arrangement and maintenance. Vitamin D is important for
the assimilation of calcium from the stomach and for the working of calcium
within the body. Calcium and vitamin D combination is utilized to anticipate or
to treat a calcium deficiency. Calcium and vitamin D combination may too be
utilized for other purposes not recorded in this pharmaceutical guide.

Which is better calcium citrate or calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate ought
to be taken with dinners since it requires stomach corrosive to break down and
retain. Calcium carbonate has the foremost calcium per pill (40 percent),
subsequently, fewer pills are required. A few discover calcium carbonate
constipating. Calcium citrate is well ingested on a purge stomach and does not
constipate. The drawback is that it has less calcium per pill (20 percent). On
the positive side, calcium citrate is less subordinate on stomach corrosive for
retention. More seasoned individuals frequently have diminished stomach
corrosive, so the citrate form may be distant better; a much better;a higher;a
stronger; an improved”a much better choice than calcium carbonate.
Avoid supplements made of dolomite, clamshell and bone feast which may contain
metals and lead. Calcium phosphate, calcium lactate, and calcium gluconate are
not suggested since they have exceptionally little sums of calcium. Don’t be
tricked by advertisements for coral calcium advancing it as a remedy for around
200 maladies counting heart malady, cancer, and diabetes. Coral calcium is simply
calcium carbonate.

What is the difference
between total calcium and elemental calcium?

The sum of natural
calcium is the number to utilize. Amid assimilation, the essential calcium is
discharged from the compound (carbonate, citrate) and gets to be accessible for
assimilation. Calcium carbonate gives 40 percent essential calcium; the other
60 percent is the carbonate fixing. Subsequently, 600 milligrams (mg) of
calcium carbonate gives 240 mg natural calcium. Calcium citrate is 20 percent
natural calcium; 600 mg of calcium citrate gives 120 mg natural calcium. The
number that’s portion of the brand name (such as Caltrate 600, Os-Cal 500 and
TUMS 500 Additional Quality) more often than not shows the sum of natural
calcium in each tablet or pill. But you ought to studied the name to be

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