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Calcium Carbonate Affordable prices in 2020

calcium carbonate powder is used as a filler in industries. Fillers are materials that are added to liquids and solids to make one or more changes in the form of increasing mechanical strength and ductility, decreasing or increasing specific gravity, increasing thermal resistance, changing concentration, and decreasing cost. It is almost insoluble in ordinary water and dissolves slowly in water that has some carbon dioxide or ammonium salts. It is almost insoluble in alcohol and boils in acetic acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. if you want to know about calcium carbonate formula; read on.

Calcium Carbonate Affordable prices in 2020

Where is calcium carbonate found?

Where is calcium carbonate found?

Calcium carbonate is mined for industrial use. Pure calcium carbonate can be produced from marble or it can be formed by passing carbon dioxide through a solution of calcium hydroxide. Marble is a sedimentary rock that is the result of compaction due to the pressure of the top layers in which slight metamorphism may be observed. One of the characteristics of these rocks is that they have fine or medium granulation and their sugar texture. Marbles are part of the Organogenetic Sedimentary Rock, which are themselves in the category of chemical sedimentary rocks. Or biochemically formed. Usually, broken or intact fossil fragments can be seen in the layers of these rocks, which, according to this classification, are found in many types of fossilized limestones. They are formed either by changing shales and planktonic microorganisms or by silicified action.

Biological and chemical processes are effective in the formation of carbonate rocks.  Carbonate rocks are formed in areas where the water is well heated and free of destructive particles.  In a favorable environment, aragonite is formed first (aragonite has little magnesium and strontium can be substituted instead). Therefore, the concentration of calcium decreases and the concentration of magnesium increases, and the conditions for the formation of high magnesium calcite and then low magnesium calcite are provided (low magnesium calcite has less than 4% mol MgCO3 and permnitium calcite has more than 4% mol MgCO3.  ) And at the end dolomite is rarely formed (primary)In terms of stability, low magnesium calcite is more stable than permenium calcite and permonium calcite is more stable than aragonite.

Reasonable prices for Calcium Carbonate

Reasonable prices for Calcium Carbonate Calcium carbonate is used as a filler in many industries, including paper making. Other uses include road construction and petrochemicals. This mineral is so widely used that even in medicinal supplements It has been used in human food and in stomach syrup and calcium tablets. The highest consumption of calcium carbonate is in the metallurgical industry as a melting aid in iron furnaces. Used to separate impurities. The melting point of calcium carbonate is 825 ° C.

 The supply of calcium carbonate produced is done in various packages, From packaging in double-layer kaezi bags to packaging in laminated or bulk bags and to The main form that the applicant can buy this raw material in any size and in different tonnages. The type of packaging has a direct impact on the price of herton calcium carbonate.

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