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Buy oyster shells in bulk at rational price

Pure oyster shells for chickens today can be purchased in the same form as they are mined and sold in bulk and are also offered with the best quality level. Mineral ores extracted from the mine, which are known as pure sources of calcium, are very useful products in the production of livestock, poultry and aquatic feed that are not only easily swallowed but also useful for the digestive system of these organisms and of all Importantly for laying hens in the laying field, they play the role of providing calcium and mineral supplements. if you want to know about buy oyster shells in bulk, and oyster shells for sale; read on.

Buy oyster shells in bulk at rational price

How are oyster shell formed?

How are oyster shell formed? As mentioned, oyster powder is used in animal and poultry feed. Regarding the properties of oyster powder for poultry and the properties of oyster powder for livestock, it should be said that this powder contains a high percentage of calcium and for this reason it is also called calcium powder for poultry. This product can accelerate the growth of livestock and poultry. In addition, the meat obtained from them tastes better.

A laying hen should lay one egg a day, and after laying it loses about 60% of its calcium because the eggs themselves get a lot of calcium and the eggshell is high in calcium. Laying leads to a high loss of calcium, so chickens should eat foods that provide calcium in their diet, and what is better than oysters.

Buy oyster shells in bulk at wholesale price in 2020

Buy oyster shells in bulk at wholesale price in 2020 Mineral oysters, as we have said, are widely used to feed farmed animals, and although they are used in road construction and the production of building materials or other industries, in this discussion we will discuss the importance of mineral oysters in laying hens. Mineral oysters We first said that they are a source of minerals, especially calcium, which are very useful for calcium and the basic needs of laying hens.

Mineral oysters are the purest form of calcium supplement because they have been prepared in this way for a long time, something like millions of years, and during this long time, impurities have been taken from them and after analysis, it has been determined that it has the best calciums or other minerals in these oysters have caused oysters to be added to the poultry diet in laying farms today, but it is good to know that oysters can not be consumed in pure and raw form and must be interacted with, for example.  They are powdered in size and crushed according to the poultry digestive system or their ability to swallow, for which they are often granulated. 

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