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Best caco3 suppliers in 2020

The chemical formula of calcium carbonate is CaCO3, and the appearance of the pure type is white powder and the impurity is white cream. It also has a linear molecular shape and is non-flammable. Calcium carbonate is one of the most used minerals that can be used in various industries. who are caco3 suppliers?

Best caco3 suppliers in 2020

How is the business of caco3 in the world?

 How is the business of caco3 in the world?The consumption of calcium carbonate has spread to many industries. Although this mineral has traditionally played an important role in human life, its new applications have also developed in the industrial sector. According to statistics, around 60% of the total calcium carbonate produced worldwide is used in the metallurgical and metal smelting industries, 25% in the construction and road construction industries and 15% in industrial and chemical applications. Calcium carbonate powder in industries such as plastic, polymer, rubber, wire and cable manufacturing, PVC pipe, ceramic tile, construction paint, oil well drilling, circulation paints, adhesives, paper industries, granules, welding electrodes and many others. Other industries are widely used. how much is calcium carbonate for sale?

How much it cost to build a caco3 factory

 How much it cost to build a caco3 factoryWholesale of calcium carbonate in factory

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the formula CaCo3. This common substance is found in rocks in the form of calcite and aragonite minerals, which are found mainly in nature in the form of limestone, which is a type of sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcite. Calcium carbonate is a major component of pearls and shells of marine organisms, snails and the eggs of birds and reptiles. Calcium carbonate is prepared in two forms: mineral and sedimentary (or cooked), which are defined as follows.

Mineral calcium carbonate

Ground calcium carbonate or GCC is produced due to its high brightness and purity by eating calcium carbonate minerals or limestone or marble.

Sedimentary calcium carbonate

Precipitated calcium carbonate or PCC of the formula CaCO3 is produced by chemical reactions and this process is called the carbonization process. Calcium carbonate is sold in tonnes on a mineral scale, and the price per tonne of calcium carbonate varies according to market conditions. But precipitated calcium carbonate, which is called micronized calcium carbonate if it is finely chopped, is sold in kilograms for laboratory use. The price of each kilo of calcium carbonate can reach up to $ 100, depending on the type of granulation and its quality and purity. High quality sedimentary calcium carbonate applications are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. For this purpose, the use of mineral calcium carbonate is not recommended and sedimentary or cooked calcium carbonate is recommended in this area. The price of this type of calcium carbonate is more expensive than mineral calcium carbonate.

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